5 Ways to Add Value to Your Home


5 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

From cosmetic enhancements through to fully renovated rooms, there are plenty of ways to add value to your home, and in turn, maximise its selling price.

Increasing the value of your home will not only allow you to work your way up the property ladder, but it will also help you to gain a healthy return on investment if you decide that you want to sell or rent out your home.

So here’s our guide to some of the ways you can add value to your home…

1. Give your kitchen and bathroom a makeover

The kitchen is often the social hub of the home. As a space where families naturally gather to socialise, indulge and cook, it’s important that your kitchen is functional, aesthetically appealing and inviting.

And a desirable kitchen is essential when it comes to the valuation of your home, as it’s one of the first things that potential buyers and tenants look at.

At the same time a bathroom that is fresh, hygienic and functional is equally as important and can add significant value to your property. Simple changes to your bathroom, such as ensuring that it has an extractor van for improved ventilation and a universally appealing suite, will improve the broader appeal of your home.

2. Fix any structural problems

Before you even think about making cosmetic changes and repairs to your home, it’s important that you fix any major structural issues. Although they won’t necessarily be apparent to potential buyers or tenants, there’s no hiding these issues from valuers.

From rising damp, a leaking roof, and rotten timbers, through to broken or missing tiles, a collapsed floor, or even an insect infestation, there’s plenty to look out for in terms of structural issues.

3. Replace the windows in your home

It goes without saying that new double glazed windows can add a significant amount of value to your property. Requiring little maintenance, PVC windows not only look great, but they are also secure, energy efficient, and will complement and enhance both modern and period homes.

4. It’s all about kerb appeal

From repainting brickwork, replacing an old garage, and repainting doors and windows, through to adding a porch, removing stone cladding, and repainting walls, you’ll be amazed at how much of an impact even the smallest changes can have on the aesthetic appeal of the exterior of your property, adding considerable value.

After all, first impressions count, and an unattractive exterior can instantly deter potential buyers and tenants from even stepping foot into your home.

 5. Give your garden a makeover

When potential buyers and tenants are searching for their dream property, a well-designed garden can have a huge bearing on their decision to invest in your home.

If you’re looking to add significant value to your property, it’s definitely worthwhile ensuring that your garden is inviting, tidy and accessible. And of course, when it comes to landscaping your garden, privacy is super important – creating a space that is secluded and private can increase the value of your home.

From well-kept lawns, a BBQ area and patio space through to decking, a seating area and storage space, an attractive front and back garden will instantly add value to your home.

But of course, it’s also important that you get the basics right when it comes to creating the perfect garden space. So clean and tidy up any rubbish, cut and feed your lawn, and cut back any overgrown shrubs or trees that can make your garden appear cluttered and unloved.

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